Past and Present Team Members

After the Jag in 2013, the question was asked “I wonder how many people have been involved in the Jag since its revival?”

After trawling through the past 45 years lists the answer is here:

Baker, John
Baker, Michael
Barlow, Dave
Barnard, Gerry
Barnard, Pete
Bennett, Rob
Bilmore, Harry
Bilmore, Kate
Bilmore, Sam
Boulby, Pete
Brockbank, Jon
Brown, Keith
Brown, Paul
Burgin, Ann
Campbell, Martin
Cleveland, Bob
Constable, Keith
Convery, Geoff
Corlett, Bill
Dale, Martin
Dalton, Paul
Dalton, Sue
Davies, John
Dawson, Brian
Day, Pete
Fillingham, Gerry
Freeman, Mark
Geddes, Ernie
Greene, Eamon
Griffin, Dot
Griffin, Gordon
Hamilton, Carl
Hancock, Jim
Hardy, John
Hindley, Steve
Hindley, Mary-Anne
Hindley, Julie
Hood, Terry
Hoy, Dave
Hull, Geoff
Langley, Graham
Leahy, Kevin
Lenihan, Mark
Markham, Dave
Marshall, Chris
Miller, Geoff
Oakes, Jerry
Oakes, Judy
O'Connor, Sean
Ogg, David
Ogg, Maurice (Mo)
Oliver, Jan
Padden, Mick
Pope, Nigel
Roberts, Eric
Ross, Fran
Schild, Bob
Scully, Barry
Scully, Jonathan(?)
Shaw, Ian
Simpson, Martin
Skinner, Dick
Spence, Colin
Spencer, Ralph
Stephens, Julius
Stones, Eric
Thompson, Pete
Tomlins, Ralph
Trinder, Simon
Turner, Geoff
Walker, John
Whitfield, Alan
Whitfield, Jonathan
Whitfield, Rob

Also a team member:
Eric ? (working on M180 construction, played a mandolin and was a member of the Sealed Knot)
Vicky Drr(?)

So far, that is a total of 76 people who have taken part in the Jag as performers, musicians or hatmen (oh, alright then, hatwomen too). If anyone feels that they have been missed off the list don't sulk, just send an e-mail via the contact form and it will be put right.

In addition we must thank the numerous girlfriends, wives, mothers and friends who helped create the original costumes back in 1972 and since.