Absent Friends

In the words of the song “Jag Day” written and composed by Jim Hancock and Geoff Convery:

               “For Sergeant Time recruits us all

               Some soon, some late, we all enlist

               We answer to his bugle call

               And trudge into the mist.”

This page is dedicated to those members of the Coleby Plough Jag team who have fallen by the wayside.

In their memory, every year we drink a toast to “Absent Friends”

               Pete Day  (1973)

               Mo Ogg  (1980)

               John Walker  (1988)

               Keith Constable  (1996)

               Bill Corlett  (1996)

               Dave  Markham  (2005)

               Eric Stone (?)

               Brian Dawson  (2013)

               Geoff Turner  (2015)

               Dave Hoy (2019)

               Jim Hancock  (2021)

               Bob Cleveland (2022)