David Ogg - Thoughts on my First Plough Jag

Well, I was so proud to take part in the Coleby Plough Jag last Saturday. Maurice "Mo" Ogg (my Brother) wrote the play back in 1972 when I was just 4. I found it somewhat strange to see my big Brother dressing up every year and leaving the house in Coleby carrying a blown up pig's bladder on a stick!

Well nearly 50 years on, and 40 years after Mo's passing I finally got to honour his memory.
I was what is known as a "Hatman" and with some singing (which I make up in volume rather than quality, just ask any Engineering Company I have worked at........lol).

I was the person who took the collecting tin around and collected for the British Heart Foundation, a decent sum was raised for sure. So, I'm happy I could help, even in a minor way. Most of the current players have done it for over 30 years and some far longer than this and don't say much about the great work they do.

The reason for this post is this: The Plough Jag needs new people involved to carry the tradition on past the 50 year mark. Many traditions and hobbies are dying out due the people getting older and no one coming into it.......I was getting comments about being still at school as I was a "boy" of 52. If any local friends are up for a good day and to help raise money for a good cause contact Stephen by e-mail on the Coleby Plough Jag website.

Again, thanks for a great day and all the great people who watched and donated.