Carl Hamilton - Trying to Remember

November 1997 

    My memory, not being the sharpest in the world might not unearth anything of great interest; however, I think I was introduced to the Jag by Bob Cleveland. Bob and I worked together for a lot of years.  I seem to recall rehearsing in a small building on Ashby Road; I think it became a residential property in latter days. As no one else seems to have recalled this, I am hoping that I wasn't in there on my own and that the rest of the team was some other place. On the first Jag the rehearsals were well advanced by the time I got involved, and as I have a broad accent, I was asked what I thought. I must say that I was very impressed for a bunch of townies for the most part.

    Another thing that I recall was performing at an orphanage, or the like, at Barrow- on-Humber, no one else seems to have recalled that either. Am I dreaming?

    As Geoff (Miller) points out, the bits that can stick in your mind are the most humorous. I remember having lunch in a cafe in Barton market place and Martin Simpson saying that the mushy peas were more like algae - he was right.

    On another occasion, I think it was in the Comet after a rehearsal, Simon (Trinder), who used to talk for England, was going on and on (yawn) about some leather gauntlets he was making, and he asked how he would bore the holes, John (Walker) said, "Talk to it, Simon - just talk to it."

    Also, I feel sure that it was prior to a performance at the Berkeley Hotel, when Geoff Hull, who was, as usual, full of himself, turned up in a pair of flared hipster trousers with (as was the vogue) a label sewed onto them proclaiming 'Super Cock'. During the course of the evening he had to visit the gents, and he was unfortunate enough to be stood at a urinal next to Dave (Markham) who looked over at Geoff and said (as only Dave could), “you’ve had to borrow someone else's trousers I see."

    Well that's about all I can think of at this time, other than to say that it was a very good experience, and one that I am sure no-one would have missed for the world. May the tradition go on and on.

    Finally I am indebted to Bob (Cleveland) for reminding me that it was myself who first introduced the Hoss to doing its droppings. I can only say that I tried to introduce some sort of culture to the proceedings whenever it was possible. To no avail.

Thanks for giving me the pleasure of a look down the lane for some very pleasing memories.