Evening with Burton upon Stather Local History Association


Evening at Burton upon Stather Village Hall as part of an evening by Burton Upon Stather Local History Association.

Donation from Burton upon Stather L.H.A. for British Heart Foundation £50 



Rag Fool                                          Jim Hancock            s 

Recruiting Sergeant                       Geoff Convery          s                     

The Lady                                          Geoff Turner             s         

The Horse                                        Dave Hoy

Joe Straw                                         Steve Hindley          m

Flash Hatman                                   Keith Brown             s

Beelzebub                                         Dave Barlow           s

The Doctor                                        Geoff Miller              s         

Dame Jane                                       Geoff Turner

Besom Betty                                     Geoff Turner


The Jag was performed on stage which was appreciated by the capacity audience as often full view of the whole play is not possible. The performance was recorded on video by the hosts. It was a shame that a full team was not available.  John Baker gave a short review of how the Coleby Plough Jag came about through the efforts of Maurice Ogg and friends at the Scunthorpe Folk Song Club. Jim Hancock gave an insight into the possible origins of the play and its part pagan, part Christian themes.

  Drinks were taken afterwards at the Ferryboat , where the landlord showed interest in having the Jag perform next year.