2022 Jag Day

Overcast and rain of varying intensity through until mid afternoon (by which time we had finished)


£140 Collected for British Heart Foundation


11.00     Gainsborough Market Place

12.15    Springthorpe Village Green

13.15    The Queen's Head at Kirton in Lindsey




Rag Fool                                   Eamon Greene         s         

Recruiting Sergeant                   Geoff Convery          s                     

The Lady                                  Martin Campbell                 

The Horse                                Mary-Anne Hindley

Joe Straw                                  Fran Ross               s                     

Green/Flash Hatman                 Dick Skinner            m                                

Beelzebub                                Dave Barlow             s

The Doctor                               Geoff Miller               s          

Dame Jane                               Steve Hindley           s

Besom Betty                            Chris Marshall


Jerry Oakes         was additional musician at Gainsborough and Springthorpe           

In an attempt to minimise the effects of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, by social distancing and keeping personal contact to a minimum, we did not hire a minibus, but travelled in cars with agreed car sharing as appropriate.

We met in the Ship Court car park, Gainsborough, near to the 8 Jolly Brewers, at 10.15 am. and had a rehearsal of the sword dance. Fran Ross agreed to have a go at the sword and so made up the 6 dancers. Makeup/ disguise was left to each individual, with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 being kept in mind.

Our first performance, in Gainsborough Market place, drew a sizeable audience, despite the light rain showers. Jerry Oakes joined us as another musician.  Afterwards we called in at the 8 Jolly Brewers and drank a health to absent friends. Geoff Convery and Martin Campbell led the song 'Jag Day'  and there followed a few tunes from, Dick, Eamon and Jerry and a couple of songs.

The second performance was at Springhtorpe Village Green where the rain was a bit more persistent, but a hardy and appreciative crowd turned out to watch. There is no real parking area at the village green, so the cast parked their cars at the village hall and walked around to the Green. After the performance the rain became heavier and by the time we got back to the cars, some of us were really wet.

Whilst travelling between Springthorpe and Kirton in Lindsey, the rain became very heavy and, although it had abated by the time we reached the Queen's Head, we opted to perform in the lounge bar rather than outside. Peter Boulby came along and watched us in the Queen's Head. We hope that the new landlady was not too surprised by what took place in her newly acquired pub. Songs were sung following the Jag and then the cast went off home after a relatively short, but successful Jag day.

Photos courtesy of Elaine Wedge, Sue Dewsbury, Joy Horton, and Julia Pollock.