2019 Jag Day

The weather was overcast, mainly fine with some light showers. The temperature was cool and there was a moderate breeze.
Collected, for British Heart Foundation,  £362
Minibus from Ready Rent a Van of Normanby Road, Scunthorpe organised by Dave Barlow .
Started at West Common Crescent Scunthorpe

11.00  GainsboroughMarket Place (Plough Jag)
11.30 Sweyne Forkbeard (Lunch)
12.30 Eight Jolly Brewers, (Plough Jag, songs and tunes)
14.00 Pink Pig Farm  Bottesford (Plough Jag)
15.30 The Sun and Anchor,Scotter ( Plough Jag)
17.00 The Malt Shovel, Ashby (Plough Jag and a good meal)
19.15 The Three Horse Shoes ,Scotton (Plough Jag , songs and tunes)
20.45 The Queen's Head, Kirton in Lindsey (Plough Jag)
21.35 The Sheffield Arms, Burton upon Stather, (Plough Jag, songs and tunes)    
Rag Fool                         Eamon Greene      s
Recruiting Sergeant         Geoff Convery       s
The Lady                        Martin Campbell    
The Horse                      Colin Spence
Old Joe Straw                 Steve Hindley         s  
Flash Hatman                 Keith Brown            s
Beelzebub                      Dave Barlow           s
Dame Jane                     Martin Campbell    
The Doctor                     Geoff Miller             s
Besom Betty                   Chris Marshall        
The Green Man                Dick Skinner          m
Musician at Gainsborough Market Place and Eight Jolly Brewers only – Jerry Oakes(fiddle)

This year's victims of illness, directly or indirectly, and who consequently did not appear, were John Baker, Gordon Griffin, and Dot Griffin.
Martin Campbell gamely took on the roles of both the Lady and Dame Jane, and Chris Marshall became Besom Betty for the day.
Being a bit late on arrival at Gainsborough, the sword dance rehearsal took place in the car park near the bus station. It was rapidly apparent that the ravages of age made it necessary to omit the 'single overs' section of the sword dance, for this year anyway.
In Gainsborough Market place there were a good few who came specifically to see the Jag and a good few others who stopped to watch. We were actually accused of starting 2 minutes early!!!!. What happened to the clock that used to be on the Town Hall?
Brunch followed at the Sweyn Forkbeard.
At the Eight Jolly Brewers there was some concern regarding the numbers who 'apparently' were not interested in the performance and lack of space, so the sword dance was omitted – just a little dance around was done. No pork pie this year! The toast to 'absent friends' and the singing of the song Jag Day took place here.
The Pink Pig was initially confusing regarding the location of the performance but we ended up in the café as previously, where the audience was predominately friends of the Plough Jag, from both Scunthorpe and Grimsby.
There was a sizeable audience at the Sun and Anchor which included John Baker and his family, and Tim Long, son of Dave Markham, and his family. (Dave Markham was an original 1973 Plough Jagger – see Reminicences).  Tim came along sporting a big dark beard, just like Dave Markham used to have. The management provided some lovely snacks. Conversation took over from songs and tunes.
The Malt Shovel at Ashby did a roaring trade in steak pies for the teatime meal after the Jag. Thanks to Mary-Anne Hindley, the food order was arranged earlier in the day.
This year at the Three Horse Shoes the locals got the full Plough Jag plus songs and tunes treatment, and this was well received. What will happen when the pub is sold?
The Queens' Head at Kirton in Lindsey was a new venue, inspired by the move to there of the monthly folk session from 'Scanlon's' (The Nelthorpe Arms in Brigg)during 2018. Consequently, the reception was surprisingly good.
The final venue was the Sheffield Arms at Burton upon Stather. The reception was good, and there was much enthusiastic encouragement from locals up from the Ferry House. Many friends of the Plough Jag were present, including Jim Hancock and John Baker, who both contributed to the singing. Tim Long and his family again were present. David Ogg and his wife Sue were also in attendance. Dave is the younger brother of Maurice Ogg who originated the Coleby Plough Jag, back in 1973.  We hope to have Dave involved next year.   

Following requests on the day about the use of the letters  's' and 'm' along with the list of characters the explanation is :-
The letter 's'  indicates a sword dancer on the day.
The letter 'm' indicates a musician who played for sword dance within the Plough Jag Play.

The songs and tunes out with the play were led this year by :-        
Geoff Miller               Songs
Eamon Greene         Songs & whistle
Geoff Convery         Songs
Martin Campbell       Songs &Whistle     
Colin Spence            Songs
Dick Skinner             Melodeon
Steve Hindley           Piano Accordion and occasional song
Keith Brown             Songs and English Concertina
Chris Marshall          Songs and Guitar at The Sheffield Arms
Jerry Oakes             Fiddle at Gainsborough only
John Baker              Songs and Whistle at the Sheffield Arms
Jim Hancock            Songs at the Sheffield Arms
Various people sang songs in the mini bus between venues but this activity was less enthusiastic and plentiful than usual. Colin Spence sang a song in Welsh.
Theabove information normally is included under the heading 'songs and tunes,' but it indicates that there is much more that goes on than just the Plough Jag Play itself, on Jag Day.