2014 Jag Day

Rag Fool:  Eamon Greene (S)
Recruiting Sergeant:  Geoff Convery  (S)
The Lady:  Gordon Griffin
The Hoss:  Colin Spence
Old Joe Straw:  Steve Hindley (m)
Flash Hatman:  Keith Brown (m)
Dame Jane:  John Baker  (S)
Beelzebub:  Dave Barlow (S)
The Doctor:  Geoff Miller (S)
Besom Betty:  Geoff Turner
Dot Griffin:  Hatman (Goth lady) (S)
Dick Skinner:  Hatman  (Green Man) (m)
Martin Campbell:  Hatman
Mini bus from Ready Rent a car.

Started at Steve's
11.00     Gainsborough Market place
11.30     The Horse and Jockey, Gainsborough
11.20     Elm Cottage, Gainsborough
13.00     Eight Jolly Brewers, Gainsborough
14.00     The Pink Pig Farm, Holme
15.40     The Sun and Anchor, Scotter
15.15     The Malt Shovel, Ashby
              Tea at the Malt Shovel
18.45     The Malt Shovel, Ashby
19.30     The Three Horse Shoes, Scotton
20.45     The Ironstone Wharf, Gunness
21.45     The Ferry House, Burton upon Stather  

A good audience gathered in Gainsborough Market Place to see Colin Spence's debut in the Jag as The Hoss. He introduced a new twist to the script with his “In comes I who's neigh…ver been before….”

Noticeable changes in Gainsborough included the recent demolition of the old Civic offices and the old police station, the latter now having a Pizza Hut being built on the site. No breakfast at The Xtra as it is now open only on weekend nights. The Lords pub still closed.

The landlady at the Horse and Jockey was persuaded to provide bacon/sausage butties.

Many thanks to Dave 'Molly' Goulding for checking out and confirming the venues in Gainsborough.

Despite recent flooding, the Ferry House at Burton on Stather hosted an enthusiastic audience for both the Plough Jag performance and the tunes and singing that followed  from the cast and ex-jaggers Bob Cleveland, Gerry Fillingham, and Chris Marshall.

The collection for the British Heart Foundation amounted to £324