2013 Jag Day

Meet at Steve's, West Common Crescent


Collected over £320 for British Heart Foundation


We start the day with coffee in the Xtra where we place orders for bacon butties, etc. to be ready when we get back after performing in the Market Place.


11.00    Market Place, Gainsborough

11.45    Horse and Jockey, Gainsborough

12.30    Eight Jolly Brewers, Gainsborough

14.00    The Pink Pig Farm Shop, Holme

15.30    The Sun and Anchor, Scotter

18.45    The Malt Shovel, Ashby

19.45    The Three Horseshoes, Scotton

20.30    Ironstone Wharf, Gunness

21.30    The Ferry House, Burton-upon-Stather



Rag Fool: Eamon Greene (s)

Joe Straw: Steve Hindley (m)

Recruiting Sergeant: Geoff Convery (s)

Doctor: Geoff Miller (s)

Lady: Gordon Griffin

Flash Hatman: Keith Brown (m)

Beelzebub: Dave Barlow (s)

Dame Jane: John Baker

Besom Betty: Geoff Turner

Hobby Hoss: Pete Boulby

Hatman: Dot Griffin (s)

Hatman: Martin Campbell (s)

Hatman: Dick Skinner (Green Man) (m)


Arriving at Steve's house we were confronted by Geoff Convery with a bowl of Frummenty. He had painstakingly followed a recipe he had and wanted our opinions of his handiwork. Let's just say that Kelloggs will not be beating a path to his door. Puffed Wheat without the sugar would be a good description - if it had been a bit softer! However, we now appreciate the diet of the farm workers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, or not...........

We found that Lord's in Gainsborough is closed but luckily Dave Goulding (Molly) had had a word with the landlady at The Horse and Jockey and she foolishly agreed that we could pay the pub a visit. We must have impressed her with our charming and polite nature because we can go back next year.

We performed the Jag on entering the Malt Shovel before we ate tea and again before we left earning Steve the name "Two Jags Hindley", the only time we have ever performed the Jag twice in the same pub on Jag Day.

We were rewarded with good receptions in the evening at The Three Horseshoes ("I think you're bloody fantastic" said the chap who bought us all a drink), The Ironstone and The Ferry House. In fact, lots of free drink all day!