2003 Jag Day


Collected for British Heart Foundation

Mini Bus hired from Ready Rent a Van, Normanby Road Scunthorpe -£85

(New ruling; cannot return bus on Sunday so have to pay for 2 days hire hence double last year’s price)

Diesel £10.00 


Start at Steve Hindley’s


Xtra                                                                 Breakfast

Gainsborough Market Place                       11.30 Ploughjag

Lords                                                              12.00 Ploughjag & songs and tunes

Messingham. The Horn Inn                          14.15 Ploughjag, & songs

Ashby Malt Shovel                                        15.30 Ploughjag & songs  

Broughton Red Lion                                      1545 Ploughjag, songs, and tea

Gainsthorpe. The Shires                               19.30 Ploughjag & few songs

Scotton. The Three Horseshoes                  20.30 Ploughjag, songs

Winterton. The Lion’s Head                          22.00 Ploughjag, songs and tunes



Rag Fool                                                           Eamon Greene        s

Recruiting Sergeant                                        Jim Hancock

The Lady                                                           Geoff Turner             s

The Horse                                                        Jim Hancock

Joe Straw                                                         Steve Hindley           m        

Flash Hatman                                                  Keith Brown              s

Beelzebub                                                       Dave Barlow             s

The Doctor                                                       Geoff Miller              s         

Dame Jane                                                       Bob Schild              s

Besom Betty                                                    Geoff Turner


Musician/Marine Sergeant Major                  Kate Bilmore            Gainsborough and evening .