1987 Luneburg Visit


Date 18th to 21st June 1987


Luneburg, Germany

    Performed in Luneburg as part of the Town Twinning Celebrations together with other groups of performers- the Stubblejumpers (enhanced by John Davies)- Ceilidh band, and the Tatterfoals- Morris dance team. There was some overlap in personnel: - Geoff Miller was in the Jag and the Stubblejumpers, Eamon Greene, Geoff Convery, Bill Corlett, and Gerry Fillingham were in Tatterfoals and the Jag, whilst Steve Hindley was in all three groups.




    Rag Fool                                        Eamon Greene

    The Lady                                        Paul Brown

    Recruiting Sergeant                     Geoff Convery

    Horse                                             John Davis?

    Joe Straw                                      Steve Hindley

    Flash Hatman                                Bill Corlett

    Dame Jane                                    Gerry Fillingham

    Beelzebub                                     Jim Hancock

    The Doctor                                     Geoff Miller

    Besom Betty                                  John Hardy


    Jim Hancock has photos including Alan. Was he actually in the Jag? Was John Hardy Besom Betty -not the horse? - Yes- according to Allison Gennery. (12/11/97) 

    10 Photos from Julia and Mick Pollack (via J Baker) of Luneburg confirm that John Hardy was Besom Betty, but the photo of the Horse is, as usual, not good for identification. Was Joan Corlett the horse? Gerry Fillingham and Allison Gennery think that John Davies played the horse.

    Alan at one point suffered a fit and was taken to hospital by Bill Corlett. Joan Corlett performed in the Sword Dance at very short notice in place of Bill. (Jim Hancock thinks this may have been for Tatterfoals, not for the Jag (15/1/97)). Mick and Julia's photos identify the Ploughjag sword dancers as: - Geoff Miller, Bill Corlett, Geoff Convery, John Hardy, Jim Hancock, and Eamon Greene.          

    Gerry Fillingham has a vivid memory of a very well endowed German lady comparing bosoms with Dame Jane (The character that Gerry was performing) in a very friendly way.

    Lucy Greene has cutting from Evening Telegraph with Photo of Tatterfoals & Stubblejumpers & Ploughjags

    Chris Curtis (14/11/97) thinks he played Besom Betty in Luneburg or in a subsequent production of a plough play done by Tatterfoals Morris. - Fran Ross has cutting showing Chris as Besom Betty at Burton Stather, May 1994 when Tatterfoals did a Plough Jag as part of the Parish Council Centenary celebrations.