1987 Jag Day


    Collected for Scunthorpe District Hospice Appeal £275 (contributions being from Carol         singing, Plough-Jag and Tatterfoals)


    Start Eamon Greene's - Messingham Road


    White Horse

    Market Place

    The Tiger

    Lunch Sun and Anchor --Scotter

    Pig and Whistle

    Scunthorpe Precinct

    Warley? House - Old Peoples' Home

    Tea at Paul Brown’s Messingham

    Dolphin --Yaddlethorpe

    The Berkeley Hotel

    Friendly Fox--- Keadby} were these in the afternoon or at night?

    The Mariners - Keadby   }



    Jag at Folk Club Guests - "Force Four” 11/1/87



    Rag Fool                                        Eamon Greene

    The Lady                                       Paul Brown

    Recruiting Sergeant                     Geoff Convery

    Horse                                              Eamon Greene

    Joe Straw                                       Steve Hindley

    Flash Hatman                                Bill Corlett

    Dame Jane / Besom Betty           Dave Barlow

    Beelzebub                                      Jim Hancock

    The Doctor                                      Geoff Miller

    Hatman                                           Mark Freeman

    Hatman/Musician                          John Walker                         


    2 Photos from Cutting from Evening Telegraph Courtesy of Jill Miller