1986 Jag Day


    £160 Raised for Scunthorpe Hospice?


    Start Jim Hancock’s Lloyds Ave


    Lunch Wheatsheaf --Hibaldstow

    Pig and Whistle

    Scunthorpe Precinct

    The Talbot- Frodingham

    Frodingham Community Centre-- Tea (Fish Chips) + Jag for Grimsby Mencap outing

    Crooked Billet -Owston Ferry

    The Tide race (jag not performed)

    The Mariners - Keadby  

    The Jolly Sailor - Gunness



    Rag Fool                                       Dave Markham

    The Lady                                       Paul Brown

    Recruiting Sergeant                     John Walker

    Horse                                             Mark Freeman

    Joe Straw                                       Steve Hindley

    Flash Hatman                                Geoff Convery

    Dame Jane / Besom Betty          Geoff Miller

    Beelzebub                                     Jim Hancock

    The Doctor                                     John Baker

    Hatman/Musician                         Bob Cleveland                                 

    Hatman/Musician                         Julius Stephens


    SWH has Newspaper Clippings Photo Gainsborough Market Place - Gainsborough News + Clipping from Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 15/1/86 which includes 9 photos. (Pictures by Bryan Robins) + Polaroid Photos of Recruiting Sergeant, Flash Hatman, Doctor, Joe Straw, The Lady,  & Beelzebub.

            Betty Hindley has ET cutting dated July 17 1986 showing handover of cheque for £135 to Miss Stringer, the gynaecologist, at the Queen Bess Hotel, complete with photo of her playing the violin .So was the donation to the Laser Scanner appeal not the Hospice? (Ev.Tel.cuttings say Hospice) Were there other events?