1984 Jag Day


    Collected £85.94 + Carol singing.

    Donation to Scunthorpe Asthma Society £170

    Petrol for Bus £9.00


    Start at Paul Brown’s

    Gainsborough -White Horse

    The Tiger

    Winterton Market Place -Jag

    Lunch at The Wortley- Scunthorpe

    Pig and Whistle

    Scunthorpe Precinct

    Elm House Club


    Bay Horse - Winteringham

    Flixborough Inn - Flixborough

    Sheffield Arms - Burton-on-Stather


    Jag performed at Folk Club on Sunday 8/1/84




    Rag Fool                                       Dick Skinner

    The Lady                                       Paul Brown

    Recruiting Sergeant                     John Walker

    Horse                                             Eamon Greene

    Joe Straw                                      Steve Hindley

    Flash Hatman                                Geoff Convery

    Dame Jane                                    Eric Stones

    Beelzebub                                     Dave Barlow

    The Doctor                                    Geoff Miller

    Besom Betty                                  Jim Hancock


    SWH has Photo of handing over cheque at the Wortley 1984- Dick Skinner - Rag Fool, Steve Hindley - Joe Straw, Geoff Miller - the Doctor.

    Was this the year some 'Jag widows' went to an Italian Restaurant on Cole Street and were unsuspecting of a Plough Jag visit? (Eamon Greene)

    Eamon Greene also recalls visiting a wedding reception at the Wortley. Was it this year?

    Eric Stones has 5 colour photos at Wortley possibly on Folk Club night  

    Fran Ross has photos of Jag in Winterton Market Place, Bay Horse Flixborough Inn, and Sheffield Arms. Two mini buses were in use in the evening one of which had very noisy       gearbox.