1983 Jag Day


    Collected £79.17+ Carol singing collection.

    Donation to Scunthorpe General Hospital Eye Laser Appeal. £170.

    Petrol for bus £11.70


    Start --Dick Skinner’s

    Gainsborough The Tiger

    Gainsborough Market Place (Toys Donated by shop in Market Place)     

    White Horse

    Lunch at the Wortley

    Pig and Whistle

    Scunthorpe Precinct 1500 hrs

    Children's ward at Scunthorpe Memorial Hospital

    Tea at Dick & Trudy Skinner’s

    Bay Horse- Winteringham

    Flixborough Inn



    Rag Fool                            Dick Skinner

    Recruiting Sergeant         John Walker

    The Lady                            Paul Brown

    The Horse                          Eamon Greene

    Joe Straw                          Steve Hindley

    Dame Jane                        Gerry Fillingham                 

    The Doctor                         Geoff Miller

    Beelzebub                          Dave Barlow

    Besom Betty                       Eric Stones

    Flash Hatman                     Geoff Convery

    Hatman                               Eric?   (Working on M180 construction (Quantity Surveyor?)

                                                Played Mandolin was in Sealed Knot, wore a Minstrel's costume)



    9/1/83 Jag at Folk Club



    (JB has Photo)

    SWH + Jill Miller have cutting from Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 11/1/83 - includes 4 photos

    Dave Barlow has photos of Beelzebub (D.B.) & Rag Fool (Dick Skinner) taken in Precinct             Scunthorpe 1983, 84 or 85

    DB, SWH, ES and EG have photos of team in Dick Skinner's Garden. (Without Eric the            Hatman)

 The North Lincolnshire Museum Service has kindly donated the photograph of the Jag team in the precinct. This photograph and many others may be found at www.northlincsmuseumimagearchive.org.uk (copy and paste into your browser)