1981 Jag Day


    Collected £178.97 + Carol singing collection. Donation to Mencap £280

    Van Hire + Petrol £18.4 + £7. Hired from Hartford Motors



    Gainsborough House Mencap

    The Tiger?

    Gainsborough Market Place

    The White Horse

    Lunch at the Berkeley- Scunthorpe?

    Scunthorpe Precinct


    Medieval Banquet Crowle



    Rag Fool                                        John Baker

    The Lady                                       Terry Hood

    Recruiting Sergeant                     John Walker

    Horse                                             Mick Padden

    Joe Straw                                      Geoff Miller

    Flash Hatman                                Dick Skinner

    Dame Jane                                    Eric Stones? or Ian Shaw

    Beelzebub                                     Dave Barlow

    The Doctor                                     Bob Cleveland

    Besom Betty                                  Steve Hindley? or Ian Shaw ?

    Hatman                                          Steve Hindley?                                            


    Was this the year we went to Crowle to perform at the medieval banquet? If so Ian Shaw was in the jag as one of the female characters. Bob Cleveland The Doctor?

    Jill Miller has Evening Telegraph cutting, dated 12th January 1981, confirming visit to Crowle.

    Christine & Terry Hood have B&W photo of Dick Skinner (Flash Hatman), Terry and Christine’s two children and Terry (The Lady), and the Horse (which they think could have been Paul Brown) taken at the Clock in Scunthorpe precinct. This was Terry's last year in the Jag.

    Eamon Greene and Ian Shaw are sure that Ian was in three Jags, possibly in this year as female character. (If so and this was one, and 1982 {Joe Straw} was 2nd, when was third?) Mick Padden was also in this Jag but couldn't remember what part he played.

    If Ian was in jag this year, possibly this was the year that Ian Shaw introduced “There is a Happy land” to the bus journey

    “There is a happy land far far away

    Where the little piggies run, three times a day

    You can see them run run run.

    With their fingers up their bums

    When they see the farmer come three times a day.”