1979 Jag Day


    Collected £174.35+ Carol singing collection. Donation to Mencap £250

    Mencap Minibus

    Start Bob Cleveland's

    Gainsborough House Mencap

    Gainsborough Market Place

    The Tiger?

    The White Hart ?

    The White Horse?

    Scunthorpe Precinct?

    Children's party in Burton -on- Stather Working Men’s' Club?

    Finish at the Berkeley



    Rag Fool                                        Mo Ogg

    The Lady                                       Paul Dalton

    Recruiting Sergeant                     John Walker

    Horse                                              Kevin Leahy

    Joe Straw                                       Geoff Miller

    Flash Hatman                                Dick Skinner

    Dame Jane                                    Dave Barlow

    Beelzebub                                     Terry Hood

    The Doctor                                     John Baker

    Besom Betty                                  Eric Roberts                         

    Hatman                                          Sue Dalton

    Hatman                                          Steve Hindley?


    Jill Miller has cuttings of Jan. 5th 1979 from Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph

    Dick Skinner has colour photos of Jag in Scunthorpe precinct with Mencap mini bus. He has this dated as 1979, Rag Fool-Mo Ogg, Lady - Paul Dalton, Recruiting. Sergeant - John Walker, The Horse - not identifiable from photo but Kevin Leahy is sure he was horse in 1979, Joe Straw - Geoff Miller, Flash Hatman - Dick Skinner, Dame Jane -Dave Barlow, Beelzebub - Terry Hood, The Doctor - John Baker, Besom Betty - Eric Roberts (the latter identified by Christine Hood). As is generally the case, Hatmen do not appear on photographs of the team.