1977 Jag Day


    Collected £137.04 + carol singing collection. Donation to Mencap £225

    Mencap Mini bus


    Scunthorpe Precinct





    Rag Fool                                        Bob Cleveland

    The Lady                                       John Davies

    Recruiting Sergeant                        John Walker              s

    Horse                                             Dave Barlow

    Joe Straw                                      Terry Hood                s

    Flash Hatman                                Paul Dalton

    Dame Jane                                    Geoff Miller              s

    Beelzebub                                     Ralph Tomlins

    The Doctor                                     John Baker              s

    Besom Betty                                  Eric Stones              s

    Hatman                                          Sue Dalton

    Hatman                                          Eric Roberts              s

    Musician                                        Mo Ogg

    Musician                                        Brian Dawson


    Eric Stones sure he was Besom Betty.

    Hugh Scullion found some photos in March 2000 and thought they were 1975. The line-up does not agree with current records for 1975, (March 2000) but is possibly 1977. The photos show that Mo Ogg performed as a musician only, not as a character. (His grey melodeon being just visible on the left hand side of one picture) Brian Dawson was a musician also and Terry Hood was Joe Straw. This also fits with Eric Stones having taken over the role of Besom Betty in 1976 from John Davies, and Eric keeping this role whilst John Davies became The Lady. Eric Roberts is thought to be the sword dancer with motorcycle boots and black and white make-up