1976 Jag Day


    Friday, January 9th

    Van rented £15.49 from Budget Van Rental

    Collected £98.02+ carol singing collection. Donation to Mencap £128



    Berkeley Junior School

    Caistor Junior School

    Caistor Market Place

    Lunch at John Walker's sister’s in Caistor.

    Bell and Anchor Scunthorpe

    Scunthorpe Precinct

    Phoenix Club

    Elm House Club

    Big Social

    Tea at John Baker’s

    Berkeley Hotel

    King Henry - Crosby

    The Wortley Hotel- Barker’s Dinner and Dance

    Phoenix Club



    Rag Fool                            Bob Cleveland                     

    The Lady                           Terry Hood

    Recruiting Sergeant         John Walker

    Horse                                  Dave Barlow

    Joe Straw                           Mo Ogg

    Flash Hatman                    Paul Dalton

    Dame Jane                        Geoff Miller

    Beelzebub                         Ralph Tomlins

    The Doctor                         John Baker

    Besom Betty                      Eric Stones

    Hatman.                             Eric Roberts?


    Dave Barlow was in the Jag. Only ever done Hoss, Dame Jane/Besom Betty once or twice and Beelzebub.

    Itinerary courtesy of Eric Stones’ 1976 diary.

    Terry and Christine Hood have a cutting with photos of performance at Berkeley Junior School showing Eric Stones as Besom Betty, Geoff Miller as Dame Jane, Bob Cleveland as Rag Fool, Terry Hood as The Lady, Ralph Tomlins as Beelzebub, John Walker as Recruiting Sergeant and John Baker as Doctor. Second Photo shows school kids including - they are sure Bob Cleveland's daughter, Ginny. Terry did not have a date on this cutting but thought it was 1974- more likely it is 1976 as it confirms the above cast.