1976 Clamart Visit


Clamart, France



    Rag Fool                           Bob Cleveland

    The Lady                           Terry Hood

    Recruiting Sergeant         John Walker

    Horse                                 Dave Barlow

    Joe Straw                          Mo Ogg

    Flash Hatman                    Paul Dalton

    Dame Jane                        Eric Stones

    Beelzebub                         Ralph Tomlins

    The Doctor                         John Baker

    Besom Betty                      John Davies

    Hatman                             Eric Roberts

    Musician                            Paul Empson

    Musician                            John Connell


    Gill Walker has photos of Clamart

    John Davies has cutting from Evening Telegraph  “Clamart loved the Ploughjags”

    Terry and Christine Hood have photo


    Folk Club was closed on June 20th for the visit to Clamart