1975 Jag Day


    Friday, January 10th (?)

    Mini Bus Hire £14.47

    Collected £123.81+ carol singing collection. Donation to Mencap £150


    Start Bob & Mary Cleveland’s?

    Barrow Children's Home


    Scunthorpe Precinct


    Tea John and Gill Walker’s?



    Rag Fool                            Dave Markham

    The Lady                           John Baker

    Recruiting Sergeant         John Walker

    Horse                                  Ralph Tomlins

    Joe Straw                           Mo Ogg

    Flash Hatman                    Keith Constable

    Dame Jane                         Geoff Miller         (Character introduced)

    Beelzebub                         Terry Hood

    The Doctor                                    Bob Cleveland

    Besom Betty                      John Davies

    Hornblower                                   Graham Langley

    Hatman                              Ann Burgin   


    Spilsby- Liberal Party Garden Party. June 1995?

       - Probably the same Jag team as in January. After this we resolved that "out of Season “Jags were not the thing to do   - Dave Markham


    This was first year of the Sword dance


    J Baker has Photo of Jag in Scunthorpe

    Dave Barlow performed with Keith Constable- he remembers that Keith spoke the words instead of singing them- could this be when we performed the Jag at Alford Craft Fair in the Manor House grounds Aug 23rd?

    Eric Stones has a square format colour photo of Jag team outside Binns.

    Jill Miller and Terry Hood have Evening Telegraph cutting of Jan. 4th 1975 which says that team visited Barrow Children's home, Caistor, and Scunthorpe Precinct. This cutting lists the performers and confirms the introduction this year of the sword dance.