1974 Jag Day

Friday, 4th January

    Mini Bus Hired Cost £8.93
    Collected £107.68.1/2 + Carol singing collection.     Donation to Mencap £150
    Start Bob Cleveland, Cliff Closes Road(?)
    Berkeley junior school?
    An orphanage in Barrow- on- Humber (according to Carl Hamilton)
    Scunthorpe Precinct
    Caistor? Performed at Caistor possibly 1974 (Dave Markham)
    Tea at John & Gill Walker's?
    Fireman's Ball - Wortley Hotel
    Rag Fool                           Dave Markham
    The Lady                           Terry Hood
    Recruiting Sergeant        John Walker
    Horse                                Carl Hamilton
    Joe Straw                          Mo Ogg
    Flash Hatman                   Martin Dale
    Beelzebub                         Geoff Hull
    The Doctor                        Bob Cleveland
    Besom Betty                     Geoff Miller
    Hornblower                        John Baker
    Hatman                              Ann Burgin (friend of Christine & Terry Hood)
     Ann Burgin was the daughter of a neighbour of Christine & Terry Hood - they believe that she is married and lives somewhere near Alkborough.    
    (Carl Hamilton doesn't remember going to Caistor)