1973 Jag Day

Start of the 'Coleby Plough Jag'   (often called Scunthorpe Plough Jags by the Press)
Date: Plough Monday, 8th January 1973
        On the Monday before the first Official Performance of the Jag the first public performance was at Riddings Community Centre near the Pied Piper for an old folks' Christmas /New Years dinner.
Date: Friday, 12th January 1973
    Van hired from Budget Car Hire £7.52
    Collected £105.24.1/2 Carol Singing collection.  Donation to Mencap £144
    Start at John Walker's?
    Frodingham Infants School.  
    St Hugh's Special school
    Lunch at the 'Mikado' (Mickeydoo) transport cafe
    Scunthorpe Precinct
    West End Club- no performance
    Liberal Club- no performance
    Coleby Hall?
    Tea at John & Gill Walker's - Bushfield Rd
    Lord Roberts - Scunthorpe
    The Wortley-
    The Comet- no performance (Might have finished at the Comet - J.B.)
    The Berkeley
    Saturday-        House Inn - East Ferry?
    Sunday-           Folk Club
        Is this a complete list? Details?
    Rag Fool                       Dave Markham
    The Lady                       Martin Simpson
    Recruiting Sergeant    John Walker
    Horse                            John Baker
    Flash Hatman              John Baker (There was no Flash Hatman character so the Horse spoke adapted words)
    Joe Straw                     Mo Ogg
    Beelzebub                    Geoff Hull
    The Doctor                    Bob Cleveland
    Besom Betty                 Pete Day
    Hatman                          Pete Thompson (Married? to Ella) - Friend of Martin Simpson
    Hatman                         Jan Oliver
    Hatman                         Simon Trinder
    Hatman                         Carl Hamilton
     J. Baker has Photo outside Trustees Savings Bank Dunstall Street Scunthorpe
     Frodingham Infants School Headmistress, Miss Allison, said that the Plough Jags always had a bell to announce their arrival and donated the school handbell - (still in use to this day)
     JB is certain that the first public performance was at the Riddings Community Centre Old Folks do on Monday, 8th January because he commented to Mo Ogg on the day, that the first public performance of the revived Plough Jag was actually on Plough Monday! The official televised performances were on the Friday following Plough Monday.
     Dave Markham is 90% certain that the first official Jag was on Plough Monday and the recollections of the television reports bear this out as correct.