1992 Jag Day


    British Heart Foundation £75 collected.


    Start: 11 West Common Crescent

    White Horse Gainsborough

    Gainsborough Market Place


    Lunch  ' Emerald Arms ' East Ferry

    Scunthorpe Precinct

    Priory Hotel -Ashby

    Tea Brigg - Home of Yvette Staelens and Nigel Pope

    King William 1V -Scawby Brook

    Brocklesby Ox - Brigg

    Nelthorpe Arms - Brigg

    The Exchange -Brigg


    The Characters:

    Rag Fool                            Eamon Greene

    Recruiting Sergeant            Geoff Convery

    The Lady                           Gordon Griffin

    The Horse                          Dave Hoy

    Joe Straw                          Steve Hindley

    Beelzebub                         Jim Hancock

    Flash Hatman                    Keith Brown

    The Doctor                         Geoff Miller

    Dame Jane                        Dave Barlow

    Besom Betty                      Nigel Pope

    Hatman                              Bob Schild

    Musician                            Kate Bilmore   (Gainsborough only)



    SWH has Team Photo at Start

    Video taken at the Exchange Bob Schild has SWH copy of video at 4/1/97